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I don't know if many of you recall, but last year we had a bumper crop of pumpkins that ended up meeting their demise by the hand of my HK 93 and trusty 1911. I believe I posted a nice smiley that I had shot into one of the pumpkins.

This year was even more ridiculous. We started getting pumpkins in late August and ended up with well over 100. Needless to say, it will take more than 1 session of shooting to turn them into mush. This time, the 93 stayed home since it has some new glass and has yet to be sighted in, and the scattered rain on Sunday was not the time to be sighting in a scope. So, I grabbed what was closest in the safe, which was my Sig 226, 220 Match, and 870 Police Magnum. I figured that would be a good start, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw my HK P2A1 that I have never used. What better day than today. I grabbed 4 white flares and 1 blue smoke.......only good was going to come from this.

After blasting away on the first 20 pumpkins, it was time to let the pistols cool down, but it wasn't yet time to smash things up with the 12 Ga. My friend suggested the Flare gun. Never seeing one in action, I figured I would fire the first white flare out over an empty bean field. It was actuall kind of pretty. Next came the Blue smoke. It looked like an empty toilet paper roll got chucked into the dirt burm. There wasn't a lot of smoke, but it was a very brilliant blue color.

Now it was time to be dumb.....shoot a flare at a pumpkin. The first one missed and was lodged into the dirt back those things burn HOT! The soil was red hot for quite some time after the flare burnt out. The next one was a direct hit! this was kind of disappointing. The projectile was merely lodged and extinguised by the pumpkin's moisture. No explosion.....too bad.
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