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June 3-4, 2017 presented by FICG/Shooters Gauntlet.

I won't be able to attend, but if you can, you should.

About 4 hours northwest of NYC, 3 hours north of Harrisburg, PA, in the town of Monroeton PA, 18832. The 2nd annual next evolution machinegun shoot will offer shooting experiences that are not available anywhere else! The admission cost is drastically reduced for those registering in advance and you’ll receive updates and notices about special events, shooting experiences and local hotel deals.

Main machine gun range, approximately 200 yards long and 75-100-125 yards deep!;
Separate, secluded, silencer-only range (where manufacturers such as Liberty, Sig Silencers, SilencerCo, Thunderbeast…etc will be demoing their products);
1100 yards range and ability to rent a 50. caliber Barrett;
Engage target while traveling down a zip line;
Engage target while hanging upside down from the inversion wall; and
Go off the grid and engage targets during the assault hike!

Additionally, as ATF has already approved the event as a sanctioned event, there will be a gun show section for vendors to sell firearms and parts including:
2A Armament
Allstar Tactical
Alpha Dog Silencers
B5 Systems
Breach Bang Clear
Dead Air Silencers
Dennis A. Todd
Down Range Firearms Training
Firearms Radio Network
Four Guys Guns
Kinetic Development Group
Lancer Systems
Liberty Suppressors
Markland Photography
Modern American Safety & Firearms
Personal Protection Institute
Patriot Patch, Co.
Rockwell Tactical Group
Sarco Inc.
Sheaffer Precision Gunworks (SPG)
Tactical AR500 Targets
The Gun Collective
Tew’s Armory
USA Chemical Supply
WM Tactical

I went last year. It was a bit disorganize, but overall as a first time event, it was great. I paid extra to have a spot on the MG firing line and did about 4,000 rounds.

Here's a video of last year's shoot:

Any HKpro members thinking of going?

The Librarian
MP5-N and HK23E-K
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45 days out. Who's coming?

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Was going to rent a lane but all the good ones are taken. I'm still planning on going and staying at our cabin we have that's an hour away.
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