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3 weeks later and I have Kydex for my HK45c

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Kaluban Cloak is what its called and there are only 3 differences between this and RCS. Raven's are a little more refined on the inside of the holster, the loops are a bit bulky on this and slimmer on the RCS, and this ships in two weeks while RCS takes a eternity. Ok that's enough RCS bashing from me, lol. I mentioned the inside being a little more refined in the RCS but the retention on this is great, I'd give RCS the nod above all kydex for retention because they are the only Kydex makers that I've seen make certain holster for different positions of the safety lever. This holster has a small space about a half inch wide and as long as the saftey lever on the HK45c so you can carry the HK45c with safety on or off or even LEM it doesn't matter. I opted for the Carbon Fiber pattern and I have to say, if I can do it over again I'd probably just go with Desert Tan or black. It's not ugly it just looks EXACTLY like Carbon Fiber and I thought maybe it would be a little darker. Well I'd like to talk about this more but I gotta split. Ask any questions you want and when I get back tonight I'll answer them. Thanks for looking.
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Thanks for the write up, I am looking in to kydex for my full size and kaluban cloak was already on my shirt list.

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