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For those looking to start their training off right this year, Teufelshund Tactical is proud to offer the first course on their 2017 calendar, our Advanced Pistol Operator Course. This course is being hosted by our friends at Frontline Defense, located in Warrenton, North Carolina. Their range complex is extremely capable and their staff overwhelmingly supportive, allowing us to operate at a much higher level than most other ranges could even hope to.

This course is the result of compressing what normally would be taught over several days into a single day and night of range instruction. Taking students who already have a solid foundation in pistol shooting, we begin by reestablishing their baseline. Literally starting from the stance and moving up, through a series of purposely designed and focused skill drills, students rebuild their foundations. Each drill is stacked upon the next, so that each previous skill is reinforced, as the next added. This rapid skill progression results in equally rapid gains in performance and proficiency. The byproduct is an increased level of confidence and self awareness, where the student is able to self-motivate and self-diagnose areas for improvement while pushing beyond perceived limits.

Unlike many larger courses, by keeping the class sizes small, we are able to maximize the student to instructor ratio. This, combined with our focused attention and the instructional design behind the entire course, results in students receiving constant and immediate, positive feedback, while at the same time getting more "reps in" then at other firearms courses. We don't just tell you to shoot a drill and then move on. We provide the "why" behind each purposely designed drill we present, demonstrate it and then allow the students to run each drill until proficiency has been attained.

Video link of a reload demonstration:

Drills, which begin at very close range, in order to hone in on finite accuracy, soon transition to drills which incorporate greater distance, speed, malfunctions, reloads, movement, barricades and vehicles. Pushing students outside their comfort zone allows real learning to take place. And putting students in challenging positions, and debriefing their actions and effects, results in providing a series of references to be able to be drawn from again in the future, if a similar situation ever occurred. The long distance "walk-back" drill is a perfect example. Many students have never had the opportunity to shoot a pistol beyond 25m. Establishing the skill and confidence to be able to make a first round hit on a steel silhouette beyond 100m is incredibly rewarding, and a clear reinforcement of all the foundational work established at much closer distances.

Video link of one of our students running an accuracy and movement drill:

As day turns to night, we provide a solid block of low light/no light instruction and the use of hand-held and weapon mounted lights before transitioning to an equally comprehensive set of drills in darkness. The ability to understand lighting conditions, how to properly manipulate hand-held and weapon lights, how to effectively distribute light and shots on target, and how to operate on foot or from a vehicle, is what allows you to fight and win at night.

Anyone who carries a weapon for daily protection should clearly see the value that this course, at this range, provides. We currently have civilians, Law Enforcement and Military, male and females enrolled, but still have a few more slots available. I welcome you to take a hard look at where your current level or proficiency is with the pistol and what this course has to offer, and hope that you'll make the commitment to train with us.
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