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417 bolt carrier: firing pin safety pins?

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This may sound a bit odd, but I'll give it a shot. While checking out some photos of the 417, I noticed it looks like it only has one pin that holds the firing pin safety in place on the bolt carrier. While looking at my 416 carrier, there are two pins; one for the safety to pivot on under tension of the spring and the other to actually hold it firmly in place. Anyone know if the 417's carrier uses two pins as well or if the one visible is the only one used? Below are some pictures for referance. Top photo is the 416 carrier, bottom is the 417. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

By the way, the below 416 carrier is NOT mine, nor did I take the photo. Same goes for the 417 one.

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Hmmm, i really dont know. Mabey its just the way the 417 is designed. The FP safety may have the spring like a USP extractor, whereas the 416 may have the spring held in by a pin too...

We'll really only be able to tell once someone posts pics of a stripped 417 carrier...

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If you look at the carrier in the first picture, the two pins in the top portion of the carrier are for the FP safety. The one to the right is the one the safety pivots on under tension of the FP safety spring. The one on the left stops the FP safety at a certain point above the firing pin and holds it firmly in place. Maybe it's also there as added insurance against drop induced dishcharges as the forces would be might be applied to two pins instead of one? The spring itself is actually held in place by the safety.
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