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Why do the pictures on HK USA's site just suck so bad?

I think it looks cooler than the P30 mainly due to the lack of spider man webbing (though the grip feels good in real life) and the picture is more glossy black than the P30 pic which is washed out:

Doesn't this look like a well used gun faded, etc...

Clicking back and forth between the two...trying to figure out why I am just liking the look of the 45c more...

I notice the trigger guard on the P30 goes to a point and in very angular.

Whereas, the 45, it flows WITH the lines of the gun.

There's a lot of lines on that P30, man.

HK USA pics are so different. Compare the pics from any major manufacturer and it really looks sloppy. Very poor lighting and not crisp.

Every forum members pics have been far superior!

If the P30 had a pinky extension on the mag it would match the trigger guard more and help the design flow I think.

The 45 just has an entire sense of moving forward whereas the P30 goes in many different directions.

YEAH. I know. If it shoots well, who cares. And luckily the forum members post better pics.

I do have to admit though, if the 45c fit my hand I'd be inclined to get it over the P30 due to looks.

OK- why no "webbing" on the 45c grip? And do we presume an X-grip will come at some point for the regular 45 mags to fit flush in the 45c?

It's a bummer HK can't get 10 rds into the compact mag like Springfield.
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