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here's the parts list i compiled, for a pistol upper only, NOT 922 compliant:

this list is compiled from HKParts, but many of these items are available from several sources:

Cocking Tube & Support Set for HK MP5K & SP89
HK Cocking Tube Hanger Clip
HK51K Barrel Cold Hammer Forged
HK MP5, MP5K Cocking Handle
Front Sight Tower, Cocking Handle Pin HK German
MP5, MP5K Cocking Support Detent
HK German MP5, MP5K Cocking Tube Support Spring
Flat With Weldment Set HK 91, G3, PTR, CETME
HK Triple Frame Front Sight Tower - HK 91


i am using a donor bcg and will have a standard carrier, cut down as part of the build.

i plan to use a donor lower off one of my rifles. i am sending this to Jeff for assembly, i'm not yet sure "how it works" for the spring and buffer. also i want to do a GRS so i have not included rear sight parts.

also a quick plug for Jeff, he has done several build/rebuilds for me. he is a model of great customer service and his builds run great!!

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From my build list:
1. bolt carrier
2. lower
3. bold head, locking piece, firing pin, firing pin spring
4. receiver
5. hand guard
6. trunnion
7. triple frame with front sit blade and sling loop
8. k cocking tube, k cocking tube support, dust cap, charging handle, hanger
9. rear sight
10. 3 push pins, barrel pin, roll pin for cocking handle
11. backplate
12. flash hider and buffer
13. barrel
14. optional: shell deflector and paddle mag release

I hope this is the complete list. If not someone speak up!

My price somewhere around $2050 with labor.

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i didn't build it yet, i am still buying parts!

i already have a bcg, that i will have cut down.

i approximate about $550 for the list of parts in my first post

of course you still need several high-dollar items such as the lower and bcg. i am planning on having a flat rolled. a PTR completed receiver will run you about $250 vs. a flat with weldment set for about $125, but the PTR completed receiver may be a little cheaper as you will save on the labor to have it rolled on a virgin's thigh at midnight.

oh wait, that's for cigars:wink:

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From my build list:

One G-3 kit from I.O., Inc. ........ $200
One receiver from SW .............. $275
One Choate 91 folder ............... $125
One US made "K" grip .............. $55
One buddy's help ..................... priceless (we trade labor & parts)
Cash outlay ............................ $655

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I want to get a 51k built, but am not certain exactly what parts I need. So I turn to the community for help. Hoping to have either chopstixx or ghillie build it.

sorry bro been super busy fell free to give a a call bro
918-696-8715 or 918-781-3939
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