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93 Back Plates REVEALED!!!

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***Sigh***……..Okay……I am putting this in Robert’s section without his knowledge so, I hope he doesn’t mind, but I guess I need to clear this up one…..last…..time…for those who do not think these caps are Teutonic enough. YES, I am still fielding questions about these.

The 93/33/53 back plates are machined from REAL German Steel caps made by REAL Germans In the REAL HK factory. These are not new and I would say that the ones Robert is offering are possibly more REAL than the brand new caps being offered elsewhere. Why say you? Because, HK is a large company that hasn’t offered the 93 style platform for some time from the German factory, SO they are outsourcing their spare parts to….at best ….Hans down the street in his Bavarian machine shop to, at worst….some 3rd world licensed factory. These caps are made from REAL HK weapons components that were being churned out in the late 60’s. I have attached a photo for those who still believe that they are not getting their RDA of Hun parts. There are some caps I have yet to process and a hand full of cut-offs I pulled from the chip bin.

These caps mostly Pre-date the 91/93 Platforms even coming in to the US and they are machined to the exact same profile as the 93 current? caps.

I hope this alleviates anyone feeling like they were somehow “ripped off” by these parts not being kraut enough.
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