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a couple of psg1 clone questions

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im getting ready to start my psg1 build and was wondering if anyone still makes an after market psg1 barrel, any post i find are from 2003-2004ish and most of the sites are broken links...
also i was looking at receivers on gunbroker and was wondering if the century arms receiver is any good for a start or is it junk
any help is greatly appreciated
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PSG-1 Clone

Basic answer is no to Century Receiver,

Go with PTR and/or HK91. Vector in Utah has PTR receivers for $220.00

Also you have asked this question in the wrong area look at clone section.

P.S. send a request to Paul123 he is currently finishing up his build and will be wealth of information. Unfortunately he wont be able to respond until Monday.

Rim Fire Manufacturing for barrel send in a Douglas AAA for fluting then have your gunsmith turn the barrel to your spec's.
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