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I purchased the AA 89k from Atlantic last year. I was very impressed by the workmanship at first glance. I was skeptical at first... However I was quickly overrun with excitement. Very exceptional weapon for the price! I ran HK, POF, and ati mags with no ftf or fte. Countless rounds so far in any configuration.

Ati mags are tight... Very. Ati...

I also purchased an omega om9. Equally as nice. Except for the magwell is slightly off. Possibly as a result of whatever flat is being used or mandrel to straighten. Doesn't affect function, only beauty!

AA has +3 rollers and omega has +8 rollers...

HK poly lower fitment is excellent on both. Tighter on the omega.

The non threaded barrel on the AA is not my taste... But hey, who needs it!

Both firearms are very nice for shelf builds.

Both bolt groups are high quality and operations are smooth. Both accept HK parts and furniture with no issues.

So... Imo, very nice job developing a reasonably priced mp5 platform!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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