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AAR from Teufelshund Tactical H&K VP9, P2000 and P30 Armorer Courses, 12-13 Sep 2020

Last weekend I conducted another of my H&K Armorer Courses, this time covering the VP9, P2000 and P30 series pistols over a period of two days. The course was hosted by OnPoint, a new indoor range training facility in Raleigh, NC. They've hosted Teufelshund Tactical before and I'm looking to return again soon. If you're in central NC and looking for a great place to learn to shoot, maintain your proficiency or continue to excel, I'd recommend you check OnPoint out.
My courses are always something that I look forward to. Of course, I clearly enjoy sharing the knowledge and experience and getting to pass it along to new students, all who are proud H&K owners themselves, but I'm even more excited to get to spend that time with old friends, while making new ones. It is incredibly humbling that in every course I teach, whether its a H&K Armorer or Operator Course, I always have a solid percentage of returning students, that make the entire experience more rewarding and show me that I'm providing the kind of complete experience that they desire. I am also stunned at the great distances these students will travel in order to participate in this unique training. I often hear people complain about not having training in their area, but not being willing to travel outside their zip code to get after it. Well, in this class specifically, no one was local. I had students drive in from South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and two from as far away as Florida. Impactful to me, to say the least.
Each day, we began the courses by orienting the students to the tooling provided and then delving into the H&K history that brought us to the specific pistols in question. Then, we covered the specific design and safety features through the weapons before beginning the proper procedures for complete disassembly and then reassembly of the weapons. Maintenance recommendations were covered, as well as the minor and major differences between the differentiations variants and caliber models of each of the pistols.
Demonstrations were provided, with, when available, multiple techniques to get a task completed, as well as some special "tools" that make the job easier and/or more efficient.
As an instructor, its always great to get to see the confidence build in the students as they become more comfortable with the procedures and I enjoy watching the class dynamic take a positive shift towards humor and general fun, with what could otherwise be more "technical".
A solid break for lunch mid-day was followed by more instruction and practice, before wrapping up the training.
I cannot stress again, what a real pleasure it is for me to get to travel around with Pelican cases full of H&Ks and tooling to provide this training to you all. And to thank you for making the commitment to train, especially in this difficult period of restrictions and social distancing. And for several of you who attended these courses, I look forward to seeing you again next month for our Advanced MP5 Operator Course.

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