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Accuracy of SR9 compared to a 91?

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Anyone know the accuracy of the SR9 compared to a standard 91?
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Did a poll here several years ago, with limited response and data (i.e. no copy of log books, statical data or even number of groups fired) the SR9 rifles fell into two groups, about the same accuracy as a good clean HK91, possible with a better trigger and optics (i.e. just over a MOA to under two MOA) and SR9s that were sub MOA but mostly well over half MOA for an average. Only one shooter always fired 3/8 MOA and less groups every time he pulled the trigger, possible with any ammo used.

Thus not sure if the difference was trigger related, as some shooters have more issues with heavy MBR triggers than other, ammo connected (my HK91 with four power scope, PSG1 trigger and MSG90A1 stock shoots Federal AE 150gr better than or as good as Federal GMM .. go figure), shooter connected and/or memory, short comings in statistics (really would have like to seen a dozen shooter log books for each rifle ;-).

If you really want little groups (dime size), it is easier / lower cost to get a good bolt gun or I guess a PSG1 for a dozen grand more or less (so much for lower cost ;-)
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