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As the title asks, what is the true accuracy potential of the MSG90?

The reason I ask is that I am thinking about a DMR type rifle project and am on the fense about the MSG90A1 and AR-10/417 build.

The MSG90A1 lost out to the SR-25 when the Navy floated a contract for DMR's, but I never heard anything about how the accuracy compared. There always seems to be other issues involved and not always is the best performer is picked. I have heard rumors that the SASS competion went to KAC due to "security" issues at the Armalite plant - not because the SR-25 ran circles around the AR-10.

Not to get too side tracked, but did HK miss the boat on the SASS competion with the 417?

Anyway, if I am going to do this project, it would be nice to have some idea of what to expect in terms of accuracy. The AR platform is fairly easy to build, and obtain respectable accuracy from, while the MSG90 would require a professional (read someone with more skill and tools than myself) to build.

I do not want to put the money into an MSG90A1 clone if it will not potentially shoot any better than my PTR-91 is what I am getting at. If anyone has experience with an HK MSG90 or a clone, please let me know what your experience has been.

My other option is to wait for LWRC to come out with their 7.62 SABR and put together a 417 DMR variation, as no one has ever complained about an AR with free-floating match barrel as lacking accuracy!

The MSG90A1 definitely wins the "cool factor" over an AR platform, and I have been dreaming of an MSG90 for a long time, but that cannot be the only selling point for me...

Any input would be greatly appretiated.
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