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It's been a v-e-r-y good week! I picked up one of my grail guns in the Mark 23, and then just a few days later added a USP Expert 9mm. I've lusted for the Mark 23 a long time but always managed to find another hole in the collection to fill first. This time the deal was too good to pass up and I couldn't be happier. The Expert was more spur of the moment. I wanted something strictly for the range with a reputation for accuracy that would push me to improve. I bought the Expert based on reviews and reputation. If I have just one criticism, it's the sights. I can see where competitive shooters would prefer the black on black sight picture, but I'm no marksman by anyone's stretch of the imagination and these eyes need a little help. I was looking at a set of fiber optic sights made by LPA when I noticed they included a note that said, "Some Elite and Expert models have a milled recess on the rear of the slide to allow the rear sight to mount lower requiring the use of a standard factory height front sight. This front sight will not work in this case." Does this mean the sights have to be specifically made for the Expert? Up to that point, I had been looking at everything that said it fit a full-size USP model. I don't recall seeing any that were said to be made specifically for the Expert. If any Expert owners happen upon this post, I'd love to hear from anyone that has swapped the original sights out. I'd like to find a set of fiber optic front and rear or even white outline sights as this is more a range toy than a defensive weapon. Thanks in advance and I'll be sure to post a range report as soon as I can sneak out and steal a little range time. Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Airsoft gun
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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