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I've got a HK45C, and a USP 9c headed my way, both guns are with the LEM trigger.
I've watched the video on installing an ambi safety on a V1 gun, would it be the same for a gun already set up with the LEM trigger?
Thanks for any help.

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You will need a few DA/SA parts to add safety to a LEM gun, namely, the following:

1. DA/SA Hammer Axle
2. V5+6 (or V1+2) Detent Plate
3. Slide Plate
4. Slide Plate Compression Spring
5. Safety Lever

which are parts # 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 in this thread.

The mentioned video is for a gun that already has the above parts. The guy was just replacing the left-side safety lever with an ambi set.

What you have to do is swap the LEM hammer axle with the DA/SA hammer axle and that means removing all of of the hammer group parts (sear, catch, disconnector, hammer, etc.) You could get by with removing just a couple of parts but this short-cut is a little more complex than removing all of the parts.

The tutorial linked below shows you how to retain the safety when converting from a DA/SA --> LEM so you can read about it and follow the instructions loosely.
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