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So with the holidays rolling around I feel like I should shake things up a bit in my collection. Problem being is that I am short on cash and long on wish list... as usual.

So here's the wish list with guns followed by prices I can reasonably get on them, then followed by my 'expendable' (I use that term with tremendous reserve) resources for trade/sale, followed with a price I reasonably expect I can get, low end.

Wish list:
P7M8, new, 1300ish
P30, new, 825ish
HK45, new, don't wanna know/haven't checked yet
Luger, 900ish
G19, 450ish
G26, 500ish
AK in 7.62, $450ish (no cheap wasr 10s)

Expendable list:
Two grade A P7 PSPs, 2 mags each, 550
P2000 v3 9mm with 4 mags, 500
Finnish m39 in deisrable year, 175
$450 cash

Net to spend if total liquidation of expendables occurs: about $2k.

I'm leaning towards the P7M8 or the G19 (already have a G17 which I like a lot).


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I prefer the M8 mag release, but in all honesty it probably isn't enough to trade in 2 PSPs, which is why I have not done it yet.

Yeah, the G19 is calling with the cash on hand. But it is difficult to justify that while I have 2 PSPs and and a P2000 on hand. By difficult to justify, see: wife.
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