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Aggressive Defensive Solutions holds a handgun match the second saturday of each month at the C2 range in viginia beach. it is similar to IDPA, IPSC, etc. but there is no concealment required, no magazine capacity restrictions, no holster restrictions, and there are only two classes, tactical and non-tactical. i shot my usp9sd, having the utl mounted made sight tracking easier, but i hate the suppressor sights. they are regulated for a cover up hold and having no dots irks me. did okay on three stages, sucked on one but still finished 9th in the tactical class. video was shot using an iphone, not the best quality.

stage with three targets behind a maze of non threats. one shooter was about 6'5'' and he just stood in place and shot over the non threats.

here is where i sucked. timer threw me off as he had it set to beep twice, fumbled reloads, turned into a failure drill for me. still scored well.

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