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Aiwb carry

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( I cant seem to post this on the "Saddlery" where it belongs. Cant find where to "Post New Thread". Am I missing something ) ???

Here is my AIWB holster by Garrett Industries ( modified ). I have gone through many holsters for years trying to find a comfortable AIWB concealed carry holster. By far, for my body type, the Silent Thunder AIWB Slim by Garrett Industries is the most comfortable holster that I have ever worn. I've been wearing this holster every day for at least 2 years. In last few years I have modified holster to accommodate my body type. I am a 5' 11" Bodybuilder weighing it at around 253 lbs. I have modified it with a natural leather backing. I chose natural leather so no dye would bleed on clothing. The leather is cut large enough where when I sit down all angles of holster are covered making for a very comfortable fit. (You will have to excuse my attempt on basket weave design). Leather was purchased from Amazon. I also installed foam backing. I cant remember the name of company where purchased. It was about $10. You can get same type of foam from home Depot and cut to a wedged angle to force the Butt of the weapon into the body. Attached to back of holster with industrial Velcro also purchased from Home Depot.There is probably no specific off the shelf holster that will work for all body types but with a little modification I have the perfect AIWB holster for me.
Blessings, Don
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I've got the same holster for both my HK P2000's and my Glock 19. I've tried using foam wedges on them, but decided they didn't really help and weren't necessary.

The GI product is on the pricey side, but in my experience well worth it. YMMV.

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