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We are excited to announce the release of the AKX -9 built by Definitive Arms , This is offered in several configurations including Rifles and pistols & features the reliability of the AK47 in a 9mm platform.

AKX-9 Series of semi automatic 9mm firearms was developed by Definitive Arms to fill the niche in the market for a AK 9 millimeter rifle or pistol. Unlike other attempts to build a 9mm AK, the AKX-9 is a blue print designed gun from the ground up as a dedicated 9mm firearm. All major components are US made meaning the AKX-9 is not cobbled together using surplus parts kits. The AKX-9 series has been extensively tested over the course of 8 months to insure the highest quality & reliability of the weapon utilizing a wide variety of 9mm ammunition. The Firearms are packed full of shooter friendly features like a last round bolt hold open, left side bolt release, drop-free magazines and AR15 type magazine release. The firearm utilizes the Colt style stick mags that are affordable and readily available for less than $20.00. The The AKX-9 barrel is 11.125 inches long with a 1:10 twist and sports a 1/2 x 28 threaded for ease of adding a suppressor or mounting other common 1/2x28 accessories such as flash suppressors. All models of the AKX-9 are easily convertible to being an SBR once a Form 1 is obtained.

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