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Ever wanted to know about Alien Gear Holsters Shell Trade System?

Watch this video to see how it works!

Alien Gear Holsters offers more bang for your self-defensive buck with a one of a kind Universal Shell System. This design allows you to carry multiple guns with the same premium OWB or IWB holster base. To achieve the ultimate customization, simply swap out your old holster shell for a new one.

Those who open and conceal carry can easily swap shells by first unscrewing the four flathead screws connecting the durable thermo elastomer holster base to the molded holster shell. Next, grab the new shell and place it over the four exposed spacers. Screw them in, and voila! You’ve got yourself two holsters in one.

Whenever you get a new handgun that you’d like to carry, just send in your old holster shell with a handwritten note that includes your name, mailing address, contact information, and the holster shell that you’d like in return to 827 W. Prairie Avenue, Hayden, ID, 83835. We just ask that you pay the shipping back to us.

Alien Gear Holsters
allows an unlimited amount of shell trades over the course of your lifetime. We provide this service because we’d like to be your go-to customizable OWB and IWB holster throughout the years, while providing you with an unmatched level of comfort and concealability.

All inside the waistband gun holsters are also capable of being adjusted for cant (angle) and ride height. By using the same Allen key used to swap out the holster shell, you can easily relocate the two clips to achieve your preferred concealed carry positioning.

Lastly, Alien Gear Holsters all come with adjustable retention. Choose how much drag you’d like to your draw by tightening or loosening the holster shell screws provided in your order.

All Alien Gear Holsters are backed by an Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee and start at just $29.88.

Conceal In Comfort.
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