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Aloha new HK owner

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Hey guys I purchased my first H&K and it's a HK45 German made, I'm now thinking of getting the HK45ct v3 and I found one locally for around $1300. The same LGS also has a HK45c german made for $1000. I was thinking about just buying the HK45c and buy the parts from HKparts to make my own but it will cost around $700 more, I know I will get spare parts but won't use it. Will H&K make the future HK45ct with tactical on the slide? I been searching around and read people paying around $1000 for a HK45ct or even less. Anyone has leads on a deal or is $1300 a fair price? Thanks
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Where are you getting the $700 figure from? The threaded bbl would be around $275 ish, and the parts to goto V3 can't be too much more. I think $1300 is too high, esp since HK USA is just putting the TB's in the gun and changing out mags.
Would be around $540 for a threaded barrel, 2 ten rounders and mepro sights and v3 plate. I'd rather get a pro to install it even tho I read it's simple to install the sights, but my LGS charges around $100 for labor. So about $640.

Does HK do a limited run on threaded barrels or is it always available?
The TB's should be easy to get, since they are making the CT a catalog item. The barrel is drop in, the 8 round mags are just mags for the inventory after you buy the 10 rounders. The sights are something I forgot about, as is the install cost of the V3; since you are not going to do the work yourself.

I'd look elsewhere for the CT package, rather than your LGS. Unless shipping to HI would be cost prohibitive, I think you can do better than $1300.

Give this gent a shout:
Thanks I just emailed him.

budsgunshop has $1186 listed but out of stock, but not sure if the price will go up when they get more. Plus I think the cheapest FFL charges around $80 here. So around $1286, I think I was quoted $1289 at my LGS for the HK45ct v3. I read people got good deals at their LGS but I can't find any online, gunsbroker, gunsamerica etc. for $1100-$1200.

But I did get my German made HK45 for $998, they also have the German made HK35c for $998 which I'm still debating if I should get it.
Welcome and enjoy your HK! What island bro? I have a few cousins in the 808.
Thanks bro I sure will. I'm on Oahu
Oahu FFL

Check out Ready On The Right, 301 Kailua Road, Kailua, HI 96734, 261-6588. Unless he raised the price, it's $30/transfer. If Kailua is too far, the next cheapest place (that I know of) is OGC Tactical at $40/transfer.
Check out Ready On The Right, 301 Kailua Road, Kailua, HI 96734, 261-6588. Unless he raised the price, it's $30/transfer. If Kailua is too far, the next cheapest place (that I know of) is OGC Tactical at $40/transfer.
Thanks bro! You from Hawaii too?

I called ROTR today, even tho he should be off today he answered and had a nice talk with him. He still charges $30, and luckily I work in Kailua.

The new OGC Tactical shop is nice compared to the old massage parlor shop he had lol. But I thought $40 was for active military only? Unless he changed it. He has a reman USP45 for $700 that is very tempting.

I may do my first FFL transfer here, cheapest price I found shipped plus I don't need to pay taxes. I want that HK45ct v3
Howzit darkknight. Yup Big Al is the cheapest transfer by far. Not sure what Carter charges for transfers, but I thought it may be less than $40 for active duty/LEO's and the $40 was for civies?
My HK45ct is expected to be delivered at ROTR today glad it's only $30. He told me mid year HI will start to charge tax on guns we do FFL on. OGC charges $40 to active military only.
Nice...the second pic I loaded and waited for a few seconds and realized late it was a shot of your night sights. Haha. Hope you are having fun and enjoying.
Haha, thanks man. Right now this is my favorite piece.
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