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Aluminum cocking tube supports

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I ran across this on gunbroker. Looks interesting. Anybody know anything about them?
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I bought one of his steel tube supports. It fits and functions fine, machining is a bit rough but it matches the bolt carrier on my CA89 perfectly....,
Hello, I am the manufacturer of these supports. I have two, of the ones in the link, left. They are patterned after HK's design. However I have a newer redesigned and improved support available now, which includes the detent. They are about 60% lighter than steel. I would post pics but I am not regular on this forum and cannot yet. There is more information and pictures on the Weapons Guild forum, where I am settup as a vendor. I have sold to many Weapons Guild members, perhaps if you ask for feedback on my products there you will get more customer testomonials. I also have some products listed there that are not on Gunbroker.
I'll give feed back... Great product. Priced very good and even better if your a weaponsguild member due to special buy days. The maker is actually interested in what you have to say and will bend over backwards to custom build different type supports if needed. The newer internal supports lock up tight and I actually like the newer design with detent pin better then most other clone makers.

He's designed cocking tubes W/Hanger for MP5K to MP5 specifically for full length steel 1913 pictinny rails. Please feel free to im me if you have any questions.

I'm not affiliated and/or work for Volks, but I will tell you he makes a great product.
I was thinking about putting one in my SD. The front end is heavy enough without a steel support. I just aluminum would be better than the plastic and lighter than the steel.
The cocking tube internals for a SD are different then normal cocking tube internals, The clone makers machine and/or grind them different for there own type weapons system. I would send your current part to Austin and ask him to duplicate what you are currently using.

I'm only speaking of the experience that I have with the two clone type SD builds that I have, and yes they have the fake cans due to were I reside, But with Calguns making big inroads maybe in 7 years that will all change.
Yes you are right. I would just have to grind away to get it to fit.
Why don't you contact him and see if he has SD parts?
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