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Hey Guys,

I got a DeSantis holster for my Rohrbaugh and really liked it, so I ordered one for my P2000SK.

This is the web page where it is shown Mini Slide — DeSantis Holster

It promises a "highly detailed molded fit" Unfortunately, it turns out that it is molded from a USP Compact, not a P2000SK, so it doesn't really fit all that well since the trigger guard is shaped differently and it's cumbersome to holster and get it to slide down all the way. It makes me nervous that it is difficult to holster.

DeSantis has offered me an RMA, so that is cool.

I could live with it and try and break it in or find something that is really made from a P2000SK form.

What do you think and do you have any recommendations for a similar holster that will really be form fit to a P2000SK?


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I'm a picky you-know-what when it comes to holsters. Either they fit it to the P2KSK or they didn't. If they didn't then it does not serve its purpose very well, and you may as well have gotten on of those bloody Kangaroo nylon jobs. Tension screws are find if you have a holster designed for say, a Glock 30 and needed one for a Glock 36, but the USP line and P2KSK are different animals all together. One of the reason I dislike DeSaints is that they often take a "good enough" approach to a lot of pistols, and very often it isn't.

I'd sau send it back, get a refund, and keep hunting. Good holsters are hard to come by for the P2KSK. I'm not big on belt slide, but might I suggest LEATHER YAQUI BELT SLIDE HOLSTER 4 H&K P2000 /P2000SK | eBay since at the very least it was made for what you have?
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