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Hi, I'm Lee, and while I work for an outfit that manufactures AR15s and have been an FFL in the past and consider myself well versed in matters Stoner, I have never owned an HK-- until I picked up an SL8-6 last Wednesday. This thread will be my diary of the conversion to G36 specs, and my impressions of the system. I just ordered a new US piston and rings and the (cheaper) US-made bolt from HKparts, so I'm on the way to collecting the 922(r) parts needed for the conversion. (I'll do a review of the bolt after I get some rounds through it.) When I get everything collected it is my intention to have the conversion done by ChopstixKid, because he has been very forthcoming and informative in the planning stages; I only hope I have the patience to wait out his back order time. :wink: So that's my story-- hope I don't bore you all to tears as we go! :62:

First impressions: I am always immediately put off when a firearm comes with a specialty tool in the box, but it's only (mostly) hex keys, so I guess I can live with that. Takedown is straightforward, and Ive played with AR180s before, so the bolt carrier group is simple (can make new firing pins out of crochet needles in a pinch!)-- gas piston and tappet are also straightforward. No great surprises. Time to grab some M855 and head to the range-- all I need is some time! Anybody got a spare 30 gallon drum of spare time they can send me? :wink: So far so good-- next installment as it happens . . . .

ETA: Of course I welcome any comments, criticism or helpful hints from anybody. Let's hear your two cents!

Further ETA: A question about handguards, or more properly the heat shields-- HKparts shows a handguard that appears almost the same as (what I assume is) the stock dash-8 handguard that my rifle came with, with the hardpoints for the rails, but it has a heat shield. Will the heat shield fit the standard dash-8 handguard, and are they available separately, or are they factory mojo?? Thanks again in advance--
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