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And yet another c93 story

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But this one has a good ending!
I'm new here so when I get to 33 posts I will put up the pics of the rifle. First and foremost I am a HUGE HK fan. The c93 was bought to be my "Go To" 5.56.
When I received the rifle from my trusty dealer off Gun Broker I immediately set off to clean and inspect it. I have had reasonable luck with firearms and was hoping this experience would be no different. Other than the spots of cosmoline (grease) and sand and grit in the Mags she was perfect. The cocking tube was canted as usual to the right as are the hundreds out there. The Bolt was NOT ground and she measured a respectable .007 for Gap with stock rollers. Nothing some +4 couldn't fix. I ended up cleaning her twice because there was so much grit in the gun that it really annoyed me. Needless to say there was no rust on the gun but the Bayonet made up for that twice over. The goal was to make damn sure the flutes where as spotless as possible so she would eat anything...that is the perfect “go-to” rifle no?
On to the range. I shot ~320 rounds through her. Mixed ammo, Brass (Lake city, PMC) AND Steel (TulAmmo, Wolf) and out of the 320 rounds I had 0 (repeat zero) FTE or FTF. I did however have 320 FTPP (Failure to Punch Paper). I'm no Carlos Hathcock but I was a Marksman in the Navy many years ago. Every shot out of the rifle landed 3-4 feet in front of the Target @ 100 yards! It really didn't worry me as the purpose of the range visit was to see if the gap shrunk (down to .006) which it really didn't (I was very pleased) and to really see is she was tolerant of different ammo. I figured now was the time to adjust the sights.
Got home to clean her and immediately noticed a bulge at the top of the receiver directly behind the ejection port. In all my excitement at the range I hadn't noticed. I know the gun didn't come that way and started to try and figure out why. I found online someone having a similar experience (and noticed a lot of pics of bulged tops out there). Found a thread from a knowledgeable guy saying that bulged receivers are often by products of canted barrels. Sure enough when I put a straight edge in the grove of the receiver and ran it along side of the barrel the barrel it was indeed pointing down...about ½ ‘ (maybe more) of tilt from the trunion to flash hider! This made the BCG want to beat itself out of the top of the receiver thus creating the bulge!
What a disappointment. Let me add the other disappointment I had was two days prior to getting the gun I hear that Ghilliebear is in ICU. This really set in after I realize that the barrel is tilted and the rifle is KAPUT with no smith to fix it! So I surf gun broker looking to dump this thing for a Vector when I find an Auction pertaining to re-builds for 550.00 from SSE Guns! I email the gent (Aaron) and he tells me that he can help out. After sending him the pictures Aaron suggests getting a new Special Weapons receiver from Black Market Parts. I pick up a receiver from them and off it goes to SSE Guns. This is what SSE Guns will do to the rifle:
Century C93 defective build demil and re-build on new receiver

- Disassemble firearm.
- Cut and remove cocking tube and trunnion from defective C93 receiver
- Check bolt gap/headspace on C93 US barrel and remove, weld, turn, headspace and re-pin if necessary to be within HK Spec.
- Jig and drill receiver, fit paddle assembly with SSE made US paddle bushing, pin and weld paddle release.
- Clean, prep, fit, jig, and laser align barreled action and cocking tube on new MI produced SW93 receiver.
-TIG weld trunnion and cocking tube. Jig, heat, and stress relieve cocking tube to center in FSB. Re-laser align to verify straightness.
- Test fire for function, field accuracy, and reliability.
- Plug muzzle/chamber, strip, media blast, manganese phosphate, and KG Gunkote HK Black.
- Install new front sight blade per request.
- Trigger and action job post refinish

I am looking forward to getting the rifle back. Turnaround is 6-8 weeks. Will post pics of old and new soon after I crank out another 32 posts. I don’t know how Ghilliebear is doing but I will say thanks to him, special thanks to Aaron and all the other guys helping the rest of us out. If it wernt for them my “Go-To” gun would be a club! Just gotta figure out who to leave this jewel with when I depart this place… shoot, maybe it will come with me!
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i just got my repaired c93 back from ghilliebear.....super quik turnaround, and boringly reliable as it should it!
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