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I emailed PTR91 and gave them my serial number and asked if they kept records on what parts were US made. The rep said these parts in my PTR GI should be US made parts.

1) Reciever
2) Barrel
3) Flash Hider
4) Trunnion
5) Pistol Grip
6) Bolt Head
7) Bolt Carrier

He also said this, "The hammer, trigger and sear could also be American. The furniture is original HK German."

I'm wondering how does one tell if the hammer/tigger/sear are American? Are they stamped somewhere? I don't remember seeing any markings on them. I searched for some related posts, but didn't find the information I was looking for.

edit: I opened it up again, and the hammer is clearly marked PTR91, but after looking around inside I actually can't find any stamps or markings on anything. Though, I don't know where to look.
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