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Another Mag Question

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I'm curious, what do the member's here have in their kit/bug-out-bag, steel or aluminum for your duty mags? Or does it matter to anyone?
I'm no big monster of a guy, I can't carry all the mags I have, I only have a few on the vest and one ready for the rifle.
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I use steel 20 & 30 rounders for range use, but also have a ton of 20 aluminum mags in reserve. I feel the steel mags will allow me to shoot the hell out of the guns for much longer, saving the aluminum ones IF the zombie hoards arise.


My 'battle bag' whatever has three 2-mag pouches inside. Then I can add additional 2 2-mag pouches to the front (the flap covers those when closed) then the side pouch can hold an additional 3 mags or other stuff. So total varies from 6 to 13 plus one in rifle. Six is prob plenty. Not nearly as spry with 13 plus 12 pound rifle ;)
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