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Another Meet?

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Anyone interested in setting up another meet after the 13th fell through did everyone give up? lol. If anyone sets anything up im in!
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If we did a meet any time soon we'd have to keep it pistol only. I see almost all the rifle ranges used for sight in right now.
I'm always in, just depends on my schedule and cash flow at the time.
I'd love to get out and meet some of you CO HK shooters!

I am currently searching far and wide for a nice quiet out of the way place to shoot on BLM land where I can set up paper & gongs. It seems the entire front range is owned by people that cry at the mere mention of 'gun'. I went and toured Cherry Creek's shooting center this morning and I liked the facility, however, only for trap and scope work on the 100yd lanes. The range staff was very pleasant and seemed to actually enjoy being there. My one major complaint is that all the lanes are windowed and rifle lanes are for rifle and pistol for no transitions. Rifle is all bench, as well. Didn't look like standing was a viable option. Also, all fixed paper targeting with target changes on the half hour. There's nothing better than gongs for plinking with the 'ole 10/22! Pretty crowded today too.

Have any of you been to the Ben Lomond Gun Club east of Franktown? Judging by their website the facility is pretty nice and has ample space. Membership seems very reasonable at $50/yr and an 8 hour work bond. Also, NRA membership.

Ok, I should stop babbling...

Byte :490: < now that's funny!
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I usually go up to the Pawnee Grasslands Rd96(pistol-200yds) & Rd104(50cal)
Ben Lomond Gun Club looks to be a 2hr+ drive for me vs Pawnee is 1hr

in my experience Cherry Creek can vary depending on the officers, etc. Overall I've had no problem, but Im a no-bull type of person.
Pawnee sounds familiar. Think I might have ridden my quad somewhere up north there. But that's like 20 miles from the Wyo border and I am in Castle Rock!

Just got back from a spot north of Woodland Park. Not a lot of space but was a great place to break out the bench. If you can get it all to yourself it's ideal! Think my next trip will have to include the whole picnic basket. Be fun to do some exploring up there too.

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