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Depositors already got this update, but I'll post it for general interest. He also sent 3 pics of trays full of one of the mm21e feed tray parts:

Another batch of recs. are in process.
Assembly takes a little time and shipping is a PIA!
Good news is the done painted recs. will be ahead of me assembling.
I do all the assembly and testfire by myself for proper function.
I have around 30 that are being assembled now with several shipping each day or two.
The next ones going the owners have been notifed. As those are shipped the next people
will be notified for shipping payment and any extra's.
NEED EXTRA BARREL ORDERS NOW. I need to turn barrels into guns if you don't want spares.
I was cutting the 308 preorder off at the end of the month but will extend it through the end of
Knob Creek (Sun). The .308 mech will be done by tax day. A SAW box adapter is in production as well as a belt box.
Another cool option is the factory style scope mount and a new twist as the same mount with an
integrated pictatiny rail one piece.
As always thanks for your patience and support.
I can always be reached by phone 10-10 centeal 7 days a week.
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