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Another New HK Gun - My Second in Less Than 30 Days!

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I drank the Koolaid and now it's all over - another gun in less than 30 days! I am a rookie to guns and just took my first lesson about a month ago with an instructor. He was kind enough to let me shoot with a HK P30 9mm so to say I was spoiled from the get go would be an understatement.

Last week I purchased my very first gun - a HK USP .40 Compact and had a chance to shoot it last week putting about 200 rounds through it. It had a little more recoil than the 9mm but nothing major as I'm a big guy at 6'1" and 230 lbs so I was able to handle it. The only thought I could think of after shooting was my ammo bill is going to get expensive so I thought about the nice little P30 I first shot - women justify it in their heads all the time! So I visited my neighbor's shop the other day and walked out with my second gun a P30 9mm. I sent my brother a picture of the gun since he's been a cop 17 years and figured he might want to drool a little bit. All he can reply back was yea, but it's a 9mm..:-( Seriously!?!?

I picked up the phone and called his house and cell and no answer - I wanted to ask him when was the last time he was shot and felt a 9mm vs. a .40 - seriously!?!? Anyway, I didn't want to start that debate since I've read so much about it prior to my first purchase. He kind of rained on my parade with my second gun here but I'll get over it next week when I visit the range!

Can't wait to shoot this week and hopefully the little HK 45c will be gone from the counter - the next gun on my wish list..:690: or will it be the HK45..? New thread and discussion later..

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Everestx, I bought a p2000sk, then a .45c , then a p30, then a mr.556, next a mark 23. Get the picture, you should see some of the collections on here, it never ends congrats and good luck
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