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Guys, I promise I used the search function and read everything I could possibly deleting the ambi safety from the P30s model. Most ran into dead ends but were old threads as well after which HK may have changed the their mfg process. So here is my question for you HK pros
Can I remove the am I safeties and just replace it with the hammer axle pin from the diagram? It seems like a simple pin replacement would be able to accomplish this and the hammer axle pin seems to be able to do that to include plugging the hole in the right side of the frame. I may be mistaken, I am not sure.
Before I get the "you shoulda got the non safety from the start" it was not an option in the way I came into ownership. If you don't know then please don't guess for me, I can do that myself. I'm looking for a serious answer from a knowledgeable HK pro. Preferably one who has done this or for sure knows it can be done.
But hey if it can't be done no biggie, I do like the option of SA w/safety on as well and can def live with it.
Thanks in advance all. Cheers
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