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Hey there, I live in Central WV, Roane County. I'm building a few HKs and was wondering if there's anyone in the vicinity that would be willing to help me out?

I have an Mp5 clone I need to weld the cocking tube, trunnion in and press/headspace the barrel. A couple HK91 flats to bend and weld and a couple MACs I need to weld up. I'm really looking for someone with a TIG welder who has done HKs before, or can at least TIG sheet metal. I have a few flats to bend so if anyone has a bender I could use?

I'm wanting to do it this way to learn from someone that knows how to do them that would be willing to show me how to bend and TIG. I'm not looking for this for free, I'll pay what I would pay a builder but get to learn how to build one as well. I am currently collecting build tools, but working full time while building a house I can't afford to drop all the cash at once in the tooling and would like to have the opportunity to figure out what I'll need and how they are built from someone who has been there and done that.

I am mechanically inclined, I'm a refrigeration technician by trade so I have experience with using a torch and how to gauge how hot metal is, I have stick welded a few times and know my way around a shop. I just need someone with the equipment that can show me how it's done. I'm really looking for someone to be willing to help me out and pass on some experience. There seems to be a growing lack of craftsmen out there that have any interest in building guns like these.

Anyways, if any you guys happen to have the tools and could spare a couple hours on a Saturday or Sunday I'll gladly pay you for your time and experience. Or if there is anyone nearby in eastern KY, Southern OH, Southwestern PA, or Northern VA I don't mind to drive a couple hours if you would be willing to help me out.

Thanks guys.
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