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Any update on TB's replacement BH's?

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Anyone heard what the ETA is?
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DJ has the 411 on them.
Speaking of TB, is he still around. I have an order for an "in stock" receiver that I have been waiting for 2 months now. I've called and emailed with no response.
where did you order it from CP? Black market parts isn't exactly him. If it is from there just call or email nikki over there and she will take care of you quickly. I bought a few from her the other day and she had them at my FFL just a few days after I ordered them. I have also ordered some of the groups of random parts on gunbroker from wendy bailey and they don't have the fastest shipping on the planet but it is quick enough. Never more than 10 days I don't think. What did you order exactly and where from?
I ordered a 93ar receiver from Coharie / TACTICAL WEAPONS TRAINING ACADEMY back in January. Called 480-830-5652. No response. Emailed :[email protected] nothing. These are the contact numbers/email I've used last year when I ordered other receivers. It did take awhile, however I did receive my things in about 6 weeks.
My buddy ordered a 53ar receiver and got it within a week, that was only 2-3 weeks ago.
BMP has QUICK shipping. I had to wait 6 months for two pistols from Tactical Weapons.
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