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Is there a guide somewhere that would show me how to replace the ambi-lower with a SP89/HK94 style metal lower? I prefer the grip.

I'm not sure how hard it would be to do, or if it's even possible, but I would like to change it.


Nothing to it really other than a few bucks... You may or may not be able to use your current trigger pack.

If it were me..
1. Find the style grip you want (they are always floating around on these boards.. You can find the metal version above, or the SEF plastic style, they both take the same trigger pack) You are looking for ones with one hole in the rear tang, extended off the back of the grip (not the Mp5k/sp89 style pictured above)

Sometimes you can find them complete with trigger pack as well. If it is already modified for semi use, you literally push out the rear pin on your ca94, pull off stock, drop off the picto style lower you have now, add the new style one you picked, put stock back on, insert pin, and have fun.

2. Sell off your ambi pack/housing for the same price you have into the repalcement pack (if you got a clone, or you recoup some money against the german ones if you bought a german lower....)

Easy as pushing a few pins...
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