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Anybody tried the Garrett Industries Silent Thunder Slim AIWB? (PICTURES ADDED)

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Real close to ordering one for my P2000.

Anybody here tried one?

Concealed Handgun Holsters: Silent Thunder Kydex and Leather Slim Holster
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Still want to see those pictures! Can you do one with the weapon holstered and another with the holster in the waistband position? Sounds like a very nice way to carry & I'm interested in seeing how it looks and functions. The longer clip sounds like a good idea, but how much more drop did it allow from the standard?
Just got my used P2000sk (finally, timeline left something to be desired, thanks USPS) and have ordered the holster as it comes with the standard clip (black liner & black exterior in my case). It sounds like your comment on the sk will be a decent choice for AIWB, so I'm hoping it works out well enough and is comfortable. Also have a pancake coming from Cotton in Texas soon, so I'm hoping for the best of both worlds on IWB & OWB. I know, sometimes Christmas means an ugly tie, but hey, hope still springs eternal. Thanks & still looking forward to the pictures. Best, etc.
Thanks for posting these & it looks like you have a decent system which is working well. I'll post to a new thread with the sk & the slim when it arrives. Since I have a smaller frame (5'7" & 160#) the sk should be about right for my needs. I'm wondering about the x-grip & longer magazine with this carry system, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things work out. Planning on a trip to the range tomorrow with the sk, so I'll just have to see how the standard grip, flat magazine base & x-grip feel for shooting. I'm pretty spoiled by the P30 now, so it should be interesting to see how the smaller dimensions of the sk do with perceived recoil, grip & accuracy.

As far as OWB carry, the pancake I got from cotton really is a comfortable way to go with the P30. It sits pretty flat, considering I'm not that tall or big and conceals very well with a baggy shirt or light jacket at 4:00. The only real drawback is the "snoot" showing at times, when I have a shorter shirt on in public. I don't like to advertise, so I need to be careful about my choice of laundry on any given day. Cotton's new pancake for the sk is on the way now, so hopefully I should be able to have something coming along in the next week or two with some pictures to flesh things out. Again, thanks for the pics.
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Sorry to take a while to get back to your question (in Phoenix for training all last week, ugh). Cotton's pancake is the standard Tex45 pancake for an sk, plain brown holster, nice fit & finish as usual. I've posted it to the gallery, so look at the last page and you can see his holster and the Garrett I just got, as well. I think the 1:00 AIWB is a nice way to carry and is much easier to draw and conceal in some instances (car). Takes a bit of getting used to compared to my usual carry style, but I like it and Ron's work is first rate.

I'm really enjoying the sk now. Nice, small, simple and a pleasure to shoot, considering the 40 is a fairly hefty cartridge with 180 grain Ranger loads. Life is good.
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