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anybody with adjustable mepros on their USP seen this?

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i have adjustable tru-dots on my USPt. the screw in the left side of the rear sight (opposite the windage adjustment) went loose. i tightened it, and it affected my windage - is it supposed to do this? if it's too tight, you can't adjust the windage screw. if you loosen it a little, it's prone to get looser. if you adjust first, then tighten it, it affects your fine tuned adjustment. what is it for then? what do i do with it?
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Well that was an informative reply.

I am not familiar with those particular sights but I have run across a similar type lock on a long range tang site. With that sight the theory is you set your windage then lock it down with the opposite screw. But, always, when you lock it down it moves the sight a tiny bit because there is a bit of slop in the threads that move the sight and when you lock it, it moves the sight back up tight against the threads in the opposite direction. There is no avoiding it so if your problem was like mine, you sight in, lock it down, see how much it moves your impact, re-sight back in allowing for the lock movement, then when you lock it down again it will be zeroed. I know it is PITA but if you leave the lock screw loose then it either falls out or in my case, the windage would start shifting under recoil.
Now, what I typed might not have anything to do with your sight but then again, it might.
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