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Anyone Have Pictures of the DEV BLAST 2?

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i have searched and searched, and i cant find any pictures of a USP with the dev blast 2 attached. does anyone have it? it seems like a really cool light/laser combo, for a USP with out a damn adapter. please if anyone got pictures or even info on the light, shine your knowledge down on me
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Can't speak for the Gen 2 but the Gen 1 is......nice. It isn't a Surefire X400 that's for damn sure. But it does work well and it is well built. The laser took some time to zero, I needed to use teflon tape to keep the laser adjusting screws from backing out and losing my zero. Now it stays zeroed and works perfect. The light is very bright and is more than adequate. Body housing is solid but it isn't a Surefire. I wouldn't be confident hammering nails or whatever. It is quite large and a bit heavy, but I like it. It does what I want when I want and that's the whole point.
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