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Anyone know the difference between TRS 234389 & 209266?

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I know 234389 is the light lem spring specifically for the P30, but hkparts says the light trs 209266 will also fit the P30? Has anyone tried both?

Is the only difference the slightly longer leg the 234389 has for take down pin retention?
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234389 is not the Light LEM spring; it is the standard spring in V3 (DA/SA) and used in V1 LEM (Light LEM) and other trigger jobs to keep the light trigger pull.

209266 will not work with the P30 series because of the orientation of the spring legs, and if someone managed to install it anyways (and damaged the frame in the process), the slide release lever will no longer be captive.

Sorry, the reply is only a bit more than 6 years late. LOL
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