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In the next couple weeks I will be making a couple long overdue purchases. First will be a PTR 91 A3R from Atlantic. Second I’ll be purchasing another Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD. I’ve always regretted selling my last one which I had turned into an M24. I still have my Leupold Mark IV TMR with all the fixings, but I am running a GG&G FLT since I was last using it on my ACR.

I am wondering if anyone has used this scope and mount on a PTR 91 with a welded weaver rail? My goal is to be able to use my scope setup on both .308 rifles. My 700 will have a Magpul Hunter stock on it. I am worried about the height over bore since when previously owned a Remington 700 I had to use a GG&G 1199 low profile mount. I couldn’t get accurate dope at some ranges with the FLT even when adjusting the cheek riser, I can't remember if it was close or far. I imagine I am going to have to buy another GG&G low profile QD mount. I remember I barely cleared my rear sight with the CETME I had at the time, but it didn't have a welded rail… I’ll attach some pics.

For the GGG-1384 (FLT) "The height from the center line of the 30mm integral rings to the top of the dovetail mounting platform is 1.460 inches."
For the GGG-1199 "The height from the top of the dovetail to the centerline of the ring is 1.060 inches."


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