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Anyone strip duracoat from a usp frame

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I purchased a 99 usp 45 v3 with 5 mags from a LGS for 650 out the door that somebody sprayed in blue and black tiger stripe. It came with a ghost ring rear sight and trigger with a set screw on the back end of it to adjust over travel. This is my third hk, I have a stainless usp 45 ('98) and a mk23 ('03) with a camo case. I picked this thing up for the mags and to have another usp. My plans are to strip the duracoat, replace the rear sight, and put it in the door of my truck.
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If it's going to be a "truck gun" I would not bother with a re-finish as it looks pretty nice as it is. Any idea how many rounds have been through the pistol? If taking the refinish route, I'd send it off to a professional. My choice of refinish would be Black-T.
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