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AR barrel conversion smith..

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is anybody converting the uppers to use a standard AR barrel besides Marvin Pitts/Nefarious Arms???
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You're not limited to a DD hammer forged barrel.

The only barrel Daniel Defense makes that can be used is the rifle length 18" S2W barrel.

You can use any barrel as long as the area under the hand guards is larger than 0.75" and that it has a rifle length gas system. The longest finished length is about 13" because of the gas port on the barrel.

Of course if could make your own barrel without a gas port, but it would be costly. Even the retrofit with an AR barrel is costly.

It would be just as easily and slightly cheaper to buy the HK Parts barrels

Essentially what he is doing, is taking a rifle AR barrel, drilling a new gas port, reprofiling the barrel and threading it. It would also entail cutting back the receiver threads on the upper and checking headspace. There might be some additional steps as well, such as a spacer for the barrel nut.

IIRC, he can, or is working on retrofitting the HK piston system on AR15 rifles.
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