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Are the latest USP Tactical match triggers different ?

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I am from France for things to be clear at first :D We can't just stack up as many guns as we would like to.

My dad wants to sell his USP 45 Tactical and I have already one myself. His one has only 500 rounds through it, it's a BE like new and I have myself a KI that I got already well used with a trigger pull even nicer than the one I had on my Custom Sport.

Are there any differences over the years for the match trigger itself and if I were to keep the BE one, would the trigger over the time get as nice as the one I currently have ?

Also, it's funny, the KI one has an engraved HK sign on the slide and the finish is mat while the BE has a laser engraved HK sign and the finish is more glossy.

It's just to know which one is going to be sold. I've never had a better handgun than this one, I hit a gong 12 times on 12 at 100 meters...
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I'll search in my spare parts to see if I don't have those already. If not, I'll just switch them between the two guns and keep the BE indeed. The trigger pull on my KI is so sweet...
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