Arsenal 2014 Import, has barely been broken in/shot. I'm only putting this up because all the ranges near me don't allow steel case and I can't drop $1 a round for Hornady brass cased 5.45 all the time...... so I can't shoot it as much as I would like. This things shoots unbelievably flat, 5.45 already shoots flat but with the muzzle brake its just super super flat. My favorite rifle to shoot when I can.

Upgrades: Russian SRVV Jet Muzzle Brake, Texas Weapon Systems Rail Cover, SLR Rifleworks AK Railed Gas Tube, SLR Rifleworks MLOK Handguard, JMAC Customs Stock Adapter, Magpul CTR Stock, Magpul Forerip, ALG Lightning Bow Trigger, ALG Recoil Spring, US Palms Grip.

KAC 11.5 Upper + cash
LMT Upper + Cash,
Hodge S-Lock 12.5 Upper + cash,
SLR-106u + Cash