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Experts, your help please.....

1. Recently, I purchased a Loga System Tripod, serial# in the 200s, BUT not HK-marked to go along with my early D-010x serial# PSG-1. I read some where [maybe even here at HKPRO] that early PSG-1 Tripods may or may not be HK-marked. Can any of the SMEs out there verify or confirm this? There's not a lot of info on the Loga System Tripod out there, and I'm sure that other companies [SIG, I believe] also used it, but I can't find anything definite.

2. The PSG-1 came in the old heavy brown case, but the handle was broken. Anybody know where I can get a replacement? I figure since it's an early PSG-1, and the case appears to be the original one, I'd rather fix it than replace. Any help would be appreciated.

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My PSG-1 is "ID" dated, so 1983.

Also, the Garbini Loga Tripod is serial numbered 27X, and is blacked in, as opposed to others I've observed as having their serial numbers in the white. On top of that, I've seen the HK logo in either red or white....hmm....

What about yours?
BTT .....where can I find the original leather loop handle [or something close] for the old PSG-1 case? The later ones are plastic. Any of you guys with the early D-XXX rifles-----could you please post a close-up pic of the handle on the early case?

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