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stop sending me this ****

EDIT: sorry, his name is softmentor, not member. That was an honest mistake and not a cheap shot

I just thought I'd drop you a note about your comment God and Jesus Christ. Interesting that you, from the evidence of your screen name, acknowledge that there is evil. I assume that you would also then acknowledge that there is good and that you choose evil. To be specific, have you ever told a lie? If so, and I imagine you have, what does that make you? Have you ever looked at a woman and thought sexual thoughts about her? If so then that makes you an adulterer in your heart.
I believe in God. I know with certainty that Jesus lived and he choose good all the time, every time, 100% of the time. He also choose to accept all punishment that is rightly due for all the evil of this world, so that you and I would not have to receive that punishment. That punishment was death. Jesus' death was the payment. If you want that payment made for your personal evil, then Jesus offers that to you. That is called forgiveness. You can accept Jesus' offer of forgiveness if you want. No one will make you or force you or shove it down your throat. It's just an offer. If you want it all you need to do to accept it is to believe it. That is called faith.
May the Lord Jesus Christ also grant you the blessing of enough faith to believe Him and receive the free gift that He is offering you.
Because God so loved you that He gave His only born Son, so that if you believe you don't have to perish, but rather, may have everlasting life.
1.) you don't know me, so don't you dare make inferences about my life.
2.) I guarantee you've lied in your life. if not to other people than to yourself.

BTW - I realize this is a matter that could be solved through a private message. However, this person ignores my responses and continues to send me this message
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