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Average break-in period for MP5/K HK/clones/copies/variants

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I'm curious what others experience is in regards to what your break-in period was for any/all of your MP5/K variants/clones/copies.

My MKE Z-5RS was about 300-400 rounds probably before I stopped seeing occasional jams.

I was reading about someone with a SP5K having jamming issues with a new gun and I couldn't find any discussion about average break-in period, so I thought I would start a thread.

Reply with the make/model of your gun, and now many rounds you ran through it before you stopped seeing occasional jams. No rumors please, only reply if you have direct personal experience with a brand new gun.
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Around a 100 on my 51 before it stopped jamming.

My DT34 and my DJ 89SD ran right out of the box without an issue.

Zero issues on my Ghillebear builds also. (93 and a 33K)
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