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Awesome customer service experience. Thanks Sam

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To all my fellow HK fans,

I was having some fail to fire issues with my (AA) ss USP .45. Called HK and spoke to Sam about my issue. He spent a bunch of time talking to me and
explaining what might be going on. In the end he got me an RA number and off it went.

Spoke to him a few times during the one week they had it. Every time kept me in the loop and continued to explain and teach me some stuff about
taking care of the gun etc. Never once copped an attitude. Just plain helpful.

Got it back in 7 business days. I've got 250 rounds of ball ammo and 50 self defense through it without one hickup. It's the beast I wanted it to be.

Best of all, Germany honored there lifetime warranty/commitment and picked up the tab.

Spoke to some other folks their who were also great but Sam was my go-to guy for the work.

As far as I'm concerned, everyone there should get a raise