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Awesome Customer service experience with Zenith (Problems fixed)

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So I had some issue with the cocking handle tube wiggling and it being slight out of spec on the movement on my Z5K. Ghilliebear suggested I contact Zenith and see if they would warrantee it. Well not only did they do that but this is what they were able to do.

1.Cocking Level Support with with collar replaced with factory new model
2.Cocking Level Housing Adjusted
3.Cocking Lever movement within acceptable range.

Gun will be back in my hands tomorrow. They also threw in a hat from Shot Show. I swear the Customer Service with these guys is second to none.
I was worried about possible replacement as a form 1 is already pending on this pistol for 7 months.

I wish more gun companies were this professional.
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Thanks for the update as it's always great to hear of a company that takes care of it's customers.
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