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B&T 21174 vs MFI mount?

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I am trying to mount optics on my ptr 91. i have ordered a B&T low profile mount because from wha ti hear they are the best. the problem is they have been out of stock and have been telling me for an entire month that the orders are stuck in customs. i would like some experiences with the mfi mounts and BT mounts. is the mfi mount good enough to go ahead and cancel my bt mount order, or should i wait it out and stick with the bt? main reason is im trying to get my scope mounted and sighted in for deer season.
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For a hunting rifle I would go with the B&T if I could. I've pruned off an optic on a MFI mount. I had my rifle leaned against my dresser and it slid off and hit the floor. The mount popped off and was ruined. The metal between the claw part and the rail is really thin. Before that I was pleased with the MFI. It fit right and held zero. It just couldn't take any abuse. I'm pretty sure my B&T mount would have held up just fine.

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I had an MFI rail I was T&E'ing. It mounted up easily enough, but after I zeroed at 25m, I brought the target in to 10m and the group shifted to the left. Out of curiousity, I adjusted windage on my Aimpoint to dead center at 10m and sent the target back to 25m Sure enough the group shifted to the right. The rail wasn't true and even after re-mounting, still had the same issue. MFI said I mounted it wrong though I've never had a problem with B&T mounts.

I sent it back and got a DL Sports rail. It works awesome.

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Here is mine


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This is Michael at MFI:

Just to set the record straight… We have been trying to be nice to D&L Sports for more than 1 year now. Even after 2 C&D letters they refuse to respond of comply in regards to their (possible mistake) of producing. Importing and selling a scope mount that Violates MFI’s Utility Patent / IPR.

Yes producing any product is more costly in the USA especially after we spent years of RND time and $$$ developing this product and then patented (more money) it just as you are suppose to do, which normally one would think protects your product from Counterfeit / Look-a-like / Copies that are made China out of inferior materials.

MFI is a very small company… to be honest it is just me, one gun guy no different than any of you. I am just trying to produce a super quality product at a reasonable price. All our products are 100% MADE IN THE USA and we are proud to provide jobs to a number of small machine shops nationwide. I completely understand wanting to get the best deal at the best price, as I too shop at Wal-Mart where much of what I buy is made in other countries. BUT I do NOT do it by knowingly purchasing Counterfeit or Pirated Products that are protected by US and International Utility Patents or other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR = Trademark, Trade-dress or Design Patents).

Most of you by now are saying “Why doesn’t MFI just sue D&L?” and the simple answer is that an IPR Law Suits cost a minimum of $100,000.00. Even if you win you have to prove real damages. For example for every Counterfeit Mount D&L sells MFI is damaged by the loss of that sale at the value of our retail price. Maybe it is finally getting to that point. You can do the math…

Obviously MFI has no interest in perusing the individual consumer who was duped into buying a Counterfeit Product even though mere possession is also a crime. That would be petty and not cost effective.

I just wanted to let you all know the truth behind D&L and their attitude of ignoring the very law that provides this same protection to them.

So I ask all of you… Think twice before you buy… and what would you do it you were me?

Dear D&L Sports: Date: 08-01-2011

This is a quick friendly note to let you know that you are manufacturing, importing and or selling a product that violates our US & International Patents. The items in question: H&K MP5 Optics Mount.

H&K MP5 optic mount

Likely unbeknownst to you MFI does license portions of our patent to other manufacturers. Your activity has already cause issues with our licensees and brought into question the value of their agreement and or license with MFI. Your actions have already affected and continue to affect the monetary value of the aforementioned agreements.

Basically your product copies elements of out Utility Patent for our Low Profile HK MP5 Scope Mount. We have 17 Claims in the patent and your product is in direct violation of at least 7 of them: The Low Profile Channel with 4 Legs, The shape and style of the hooks, The manner to which it attaches to the weapon & The specific style of weapons that this fits in regards to low profile scope mount applications. All of these claims are clearly spelled out and demonstrated in our US Utility Patent # 7,305,789.

Our Product:

MFI 5.5" Long Low Profile Scope Mount for HK Weapons (Universal)

I am confident that you can read our patent and fully understand the IRP issues involved.

We respectfully request that you either Cease & Desist the manufacturing, importing, distributing and or selling this item or entire into an agreement with MFI that is mutually beneficial and alleviates these issues.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the gravity and scope of the violation. Please understand that we have not spent hundreds of hours of R&D and tens of thousands of dollars to document and protect our product just to turn a blind eye to obvious IPR violations such as these.

Our rights under 35 U.S.C. S 284 could make you liable for statutory damages that include, but are not limited to: Loss of Profit, Reasonable Royalties, Attorneys’ Fees and all Court Costs as a direct result of you continuing infringement. Once actual and real damages have significantly accumulated we will seek a legal remedy to this issue.

Please see the following link to verify our claim with the US Patent Office:

United States Patent: 7305789

Again I am trying to be nice about this…

We are allowing you until 08-25-2011 to remove this from your web site.

Regardless we will be informing US Customs and the IPR Enforcement Division of US Treasury to detain and destroy any product imported by your companies that violates our patents.


Michael Frost CEO MFI

2215 Via Dulcea
Fallbrook CA. 92028 USA
Tel: 760-728-7079
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: Rifle Accessories, Pistol Accessories, Silencers, Scope Mounts | MFIAP
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM PST

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I have had nothing but positive experiences with MFI products. I have the Medium Heavy Duty Rings on my SL8-6 running a Millett DMS-1 and have had 0 issues with losing zero. I also have the Tall Narrow Sniper Rings on my M6762 running a Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 and again, no issues whatsoever. My only issue with MFI is that they're 10 minutes away from me and they won't let me pick up direct from the shop. I'd be buying more rings for my 270 and 300 shooters if I didn't have to pay for shipping.
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