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Ultra-Low Profile HK Red Dot Mount – Aimpoint, Primary Arms, Vortex, Burris – Fits ALL HK Models


MFI Ultra Low Profile Red Dot Mount – Aimpoint, RMR Style Red Dots

The new MFI Ultra Low Profile Mount perfect for smaller red dot options

The MFI ultra low profile scope mount offers the lowest profile of any HK scope mount on the planet. The MFI UL mount takes minutes to mount on HK rifles or pistols as this truly is a one size fits all HK scope mount on the following real world Heckler & Koch weapons systems.

This mount is specifically designed for the AimPoint H-1 or H-2 red dot with the standard low profile short mounting plate.

The maximum length any mounting plate can be is no longer than 1.565” or it will be too long and will NOT fit between the legs.

*NOTE: The T1 and T2 do NOT come with the correct mounting plate to fit the MFI Ultra-Low Mount.* ONLY the H-1 / H-2 mounting plate Product # 12738 that AimPoint will fit.

MFI exclusive patented design allows super fast and easy install that has self leveling and self centering feet.

True co-witness using Aimpoint type red dots
Weight 1.6 oz
Rail rise: 0.1440
Material 7071 T-6 Aircraft grade hard coat anodized aluminum
Each of the 4 legs are made of weapons grade mil spec steel legs
Overall length: 3.380″
Patented Design # 7,305789 & allows for 100% positive fitment.
Unlimited Manufacture Lifetme Warranty!
Each unit includes the allen wrench for easy install
Easy install on ALL of the following firearms:

HK MP5, HK94
HK MP5K & SP-89 & SP5K
HK MP5/40, MP5/10
HK 93, HK33, HK 53, V53/33, C93/53
HK 91, HK G3, PTR-91, Cetme. PTR PDW, (All Variants)
POF, MKE, Zenith & Omega
Clones & Other Custom HK Build
HK/Walther/Umarex .22 LR & GSG-5, GSG522 models
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